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Wireless access to email, phone and other corporate content is not an extravagance for today’s mobile workers — it is a necessity. Mobility is clearly a strategic business advantage. Over 214 billion emails are exchanged worldwide daily and demand for enterprise-based mobile messaging is growing at 108% annually.
The Amika Mobility Server provides mobile users with access to email, phone, data, applications and the Internet from any SMS-enabled device. Our real-time solution is a fully scalable server that can be customized to meet the needs of any size enterprise. It greatly simplifies Email-to-SMS use.
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Low cost per user
Email-to-SMS easy to set up
Email "Push" to any mobile phone
Seamless enterprise integration
Content optimized for mobile screen
Linux Software Server runs on any Hardware
Cost-effective Mobile Messaging for the Enterprise
The Amika Mobility Server links content on wireless devices, enterprise applications, and wireless networks. Designed to meet the needs of the enterprise, it provides a proven, secure, open architecture for globally extending corporate data to the mobile users of the enterprise. Companies can obtain up-to-date information on customer interactions, inventories, sales, accounts, tracking, etc.
With the Amika Mobility Server delivering critical enterprise content, your mobile workers can make timely decisions based on the best information available, increasing their productivity, and boosting your business performance. The Amika Mobility Server allows mobile users to have integrated access to the enterprise using their existing mobile handsets, thereby extending the reach of valuable mobile capability to all employees - not just those using specialized mobile devices.
Advanced Technology
Our patented technology is independent of the device, messaging platform, or carrier and fits perfectly into the converged world of email, chat, voice, and the collaborative Internet. This means that, unlike our competitors, there is only one server, not several versions depending on your operational environment, thereby simplifying integration, maintenance, and security requirements, making our server the most cost-effective mobile messaging server in the Industry. Email-to-SMS has never been easier as we deliver only critical email content to any mobile phone anywhere.
Ensuring the security of your corporate data is a major concern for the enterprise. We have particular expertise in compliance and security. Our server can access messages over an encrypted network that protects the confidentiality and integrity of transmitted content from behind the firewall. We can customize solutions for encrypted content to wireless devices outside the enterprise. The CIO can also ensure compliance with regulatory requirements to wireless.
The Amika Mobility Server features a dynamic, user-friendly Console for managing all administrative functions of the server. Seamlessly integrating with the enterprise infrastructure reduces administrative overhead by enabling control through existing enterprise networks. Our management and support tools allow tasks to be delegated to the most appropriate personnel. Administrative tasks such as email filtering, corporate security, and other IT functions can be performed across groups to further simplify the ITS workload.
We follow strict software engineering and testing processes to ensure that our products are highly scalable and robust.
Amika Mobile products are distributed worldwide by System Integrators and networks of value-added resellers and through OEM licensing