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When emergency strikes, be it an airport fire, a hurricane, mass shooting, toxic chemical spill or a power blackout, it is essential that situational awareness, communications and control with affected parties be established as quickly as possible. Amika Mobile has developed the world’s first integrated emergency critical communication and control solution that addresses enterprise security for the Internet of Things (IoT) and can automatically discover recipients.AMS targets alert/response to end users, supports 2-way response and seamlessly integrates with physical systems to trigger event actions such as lockdowns.

AMS is a software platform for on-premise, cloud or hybrid operations, fully scalable for both small and large deployments up to millions of users. AMS captures, disambiguates and manages disparate sensor events from physical security systems such as access control, fire or gas panels triggering targeted or location-based alerts to groups or en masse. AMS alerts over ANY layer including SMS, MMS, email, desktop, laptop, tablets, Smartphone pop-ups, VoIP, Callouts, Fax, paging, PA, Facebook, Twitter, RSS Feeds, etc. Mobile devices, desktops, overheads and message boards are all simultaneously alerted. AMS monitors regional weather with, NAADS or NOAA, and relays CAP alerts. AMS supports mobile and desktop panic apps. Public venues like airports, train stations, ports, entertainment venues or sports arenas would benefit from AMS.
Emergency Alert Diagram
Any Device on Any Network
Broadcast alerts may be delivered as Pop-ups over WiFi or wired access or SMS, MMS to mobile phones, laptops, tablets, and on any platform as an email. In addition, text, image, or voice alerts are supported on VoIP devices, paging systems, TV tickers, etc. AMS supports 2-way situational feedback as needed using SMS, Email, VoIP, Callouts, etc. An Opt-in self registration portal is also supported to allow users to manage their own contact information as needed.
Emergency Alert Devices
Auto-Discovery - Unique to Amika Mobile
US Patent Granted auto-discovery allows administrators to locate anyone on wired or wireless networks within a campus, a building, a floor or zone even in a basement, regardless of database pre-registration of their computer, email address or phone number. In today’s mobile world, auto-discovery is essential in saving lives. No need to continuously update internal contacts databases since devices can be auto-discovered on any of your deployed networks saving considerable costs. Furthermore, active directories on the LAN are auto-discovered and if contact information is changed daily, users will be alerted regardless as needed - saving administrators valuable time.
Automatic Triggers from Event Monitoring of Physical Systems
Dynamically captured events from any monitored physical system from any vendor can automatically be clustered and disambiguated to issue a single, group or mass alert as required. Such dynamic events include card access under duress, exceeded temperature thresholds, detected motion from cameras, fire panel events, etc. The dynamic events automatically trigger alerts to recipients by specific locations or team membership ensuring critical information is delivered to the correct individuals right away therefore improving response times. AMS introduces generic integration architecture, enabling rapid integration with disparate third-party equipment and applications.
Custom and Template Alerting
The AMS supports any alert content including text, images, video, voice clips and text-to-speech conversion.
Web-Based Administration Console and Logs for Compliance
The single screen browser-accessible console allows authenticated security personnel to target broadcast recipients by location (e.g. a hotspot, specific LAN groupings, in a specific campus) or by logical grouping (e.g. department, sub-domain, team). Security personnel can send location-specific broadcasts, allowing for flexible management of dangerous situations. Broadcast types are easily selected and are fully logged for compliance purposes.
Broadcast Console