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Amika®Panic enterprise or personal for Mobile is a panic button app for Smartphones while at work or away from work that addresses emergency communication as users mix personal and work environments in the enterprise with BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) to work. Amika®Panic enterprise works in conjunction with the Amika® Mobility Server (AMS) which provides complete critical and emergency communications and control enabling situational awareness, information sharing, rapid alerting across devices and networks, and control through advanced integration with physical security to trigger lockdowns on demand. Amika®Panic mobile:
Amika®Panic Devices
Amika®Panic enterprise for mobile: this mode is fully integrated with the AMS so that the panic is received as an event, where security teams as defined by the enterprise are alerted and the location of the panic user is relayed. Amika®Panic also allows the end user to indicate individuals or a personal set of contacts that they would like contacted when they need help.
Amika® I-am-OK: this mode essentially is aimed at ensuring that end users can indicate to their work and personal contacts that they are OK if a major disaster or explosion has occurred in their vicinity or when they arrive safely at their destination.
Amika®Panic Email
Amika®Panic for Desktops works in a similar manner to the Amika®Panic for mobile. When the end user selects the icon on their desktop, an alert is issued through the AMS to the security team with the location of the user. The security team members receive the alert at the desktop or on their respective mobile device. The panic alerts can be cleared from the administrator console once the situation is resolved. The alert includes a link to the location of the individual who issued the Amika®Panic so they can easily be found.
Amika®Panic Email