When emergency strikes, be it an airport fire, a hurricane, mass shooting, toxic chemical spill or a power blackout, it is essential that situational awareness, communications and control with affected parties be established fast. Amika Mobility Server (AMS) auto-discovers user devices, targets alerts to their location, supports 2-way response and seamlessly integrates with physical systems to trigger event actions such as lockdowns. A fully scalable software platform for on-premise, cloud or hybrid operations, AMS can simultaneously alert 20 layers including SMS, MMS, email, desktop/laptop/ePad/Smartphone pop-ups, VoIP, Callouts, Facebook, Twitter, RSS, etc. AMS monitors regional weather through, NAADS or NOAA, and relays CAP alerts. Airports, train stations, ports, entertainment venues or sports arenas could all benefit from AMS.
Amika®Panic for Mobile is a panic button app for Smartphones while at work or away from work that addresses emergency communication as users mix personal and work environments in the enterprise with BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) to work. Amika®Panic works in conjunction with the Amika® Mobility Server (AMS) which provides complete critical and emergency communications and control enabling situational awareness, information sharing, rapid alerting across all devices and networks, and control through advanced integration with physical security to issue or trigger lockdowns on demand.
Our Email-to-SMS solutions fit seamlessly with messaging solutions and help leverage investment for mobile users. is a hosted Email-SMS service.